If you have a private jet, no radiation at the airport, Fly commercial and TSA says you must be irradiated if they say so

This is a totally normal thing in a free society.
This is a totally normal thing in a free society.

This comes from a concerned citizen –

Is another part of this angle that people wealthy enough to own private jets (including the late Osama bin Laden and other more current Arab ga-jillionaires, a small percentage of whom maybe politically inclined in Osama’s direction) aren’t forced through radiation in order to be able to board their own airplanes, while the other 99.9% are forced through radiation to board any airplane?


Yup, that’s about the gist of it. On the up side if one doesn’t like this new policy one can always just get a private jet, or stay home.
(From CNN)

The Transportation Security Administration can now mandate some passengers go through a body scanner even if the travelers ask to opt out and get a full-body pat-down instead.

Mandated screening for some passengers would be “warranted by security considerations in order to safeguard transportation security,” the TSA said in a document updating the protocol.

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