Remy: Students United (Tuition Protest Song) – And the real reason college costs so much

We know debt's a killer. Yet you still took out $100,000 in loans? - Sounds like a you issue to me.
We know debt’s a killer. Yet you still took out $100,000 in loans? – Sounds like a you issue to me.

Lord knows we are against rising tuitions. It’s a basically a racket. The government provides easy credit to 18 year olds who’ve never had a job, a credit card, or paid rent. Those thousands of subsidized dollars then flow to universities which are top heavy with administrators and which are eager to build new gyms etc. Tuitions inflate because of this easy credit. Then students take out more loans to get a degree which is worth far less in pretty much every way than the one their parents got at 1/10th the cost a generation before.

You want to lower tuitions? Pop the college bubble. Stop easy credit to students. (Gasp!) Let colleges go bankrupt. Encourage many more people to go to community colleges and to study online. Heck, many many people don’t need to go to college at all. They need a skill. One does not need to go to college to become a computer programmer. I’ve known a number of good ones who never went and they make a very good living. (Without debt hanging over their heads.) And I know at least one person who went to law school, a good law school, graduated with huge debt, and still can’t find a job with a firm. And I know that his experience is not unique.

Pop the bubble. Sorry, but there’s going to be pain, just like the housing bubble.