A National ID Card Is Coming Soon — and You Will Need It to Fly and Drive

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Let’s just make sure everything’s in order…

It’s for your own good you know. If the government didn’t track your whereabouts who would? And what if you’re a terrorist? What then? Yes, everyone must now subject themselves to the ever prying state wherever one goes. Because you know, that’s the spirit of America, land of the free and home of the brave.

Autonomy and dignity are so – like – pre-September 11th dude. Get with the program. We are a police state now and you should like it. Don’t you feel SAFE? Isn’t SAFETY better than your quaint notions of “liberty” and “freedom” and “being a human being worthy of respect.” No, you are now part of the hive. No need for free thinkers in the hive. And if you do get uppity we’ve got you tracked anyway so you might as well get used to your role.

But no ID needed to vote. That would be just wrong.

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Most unnerving of all is the fact that the REAL ID requirements extend to driving privileges in addition to airline travel. That’s right. If your state driver’s license does not meet REAL ID standards, you will need to carry another acceptable form of identification, and likely will not be able to legally drive.

When announcing the new guidelines, Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, offered a firm call to states that would dare challenge the federal government’s plan. “Over the next two years, those states that are not REAL ID compliant are strongly encouraged to meet the requirements of the law for the benefit of their residents,” Johnson told USA Today.

Jonathan Grella, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs at the U.S. Travel Association, told USA Today that the new guidelines are welcome because “growing misinformation was not helping anyone.” Grella also said, “Striking the correct balance between security and convenience is not and should not be a zero-sum policymaking game.

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