After Poland Compares EU To Nazis, Brussels Launches “Unprecedented” Review Of Polish Media Laws

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Big surprise that the NPR coverage of this story this morning emphasized the European Union’s supposed commitment to “the rule of law.” The backward Poles we were to understand were the ones in the wrong, and now Brussels (really Berlin) had to deal with the Warsaw yokels.

The EU is the same organization which rules by decree across the entire Continent, passing laws and edicts with little if any input from the citizens of member countries. The same entity which dismisses the large parts of European society which are not interested in a United States of Europe with a wave of the bureaucratic hand, and which installs puppet ministers in Greece and Italy when it suits the organization. (Goldman Sachs approved by the way.)

It is likely that the new Polish government is being heavy handed in some regards, but it is my understanding that they have in fact acted within the “rule of law.” It’s that Poland is questioning the legitimacy of of the European experiment which is the problem. And frankly, from the German perspective the Poles have no business questioning anything the Germans do.

(From Zerohedge)

Well if Ziobro was angry before, he’s furious now because Brussels has taken it a step further. “The European Commission has opened an unprecedented inquiry into whether new Polish laws break EU democracy rules,” BBC reports. Under the so-called “rule of law” mechanism the Commission can force a member state to change any measure that poses a “systemic threat” to fundamental EU values.

Polish PM Beata Szydlo is having none of it. “Democracy is alive and well in Poland,” she told the Polish parliament on Wednesday.

“The Commission has no right to evaluate changles to Poland’s public media law,” Foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski told Reuters.

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