Bernie Sanders calls Planned Parenthood “The Establishment,” Twitter erupts on #ImSoEstablishment

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Planned Parenthood and its political allies do indeed represent a part of the Democratic Party “establishment.” A similar case can be made for the NRA on the Right. Both are old, very powerful, highly polarizing organizations which throw their weight around within the Democratic and Republican Parties respectively. There’s some parallel there. At least in terms of power.

For nearly 2 decades questioning Planned Parenthood by Democrats has been basically forbidden by the party. To the point that Democrat pro-life forces have been completely shut out. They can’t even speak at the conventions these days. They were hushed up publicly and told to fall in line. Which they mostly did. (I grew up Catholic. I remember many pro-life Dems.)

Planned Parenthood, and the organization’s powerful political allies set much of the agenda in the Democratic Party. They were and are “the establishment.” Clinton is the establishment. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the establishment. Nancy Pelosi is the establishment. All good friends of Planned Parenthood.

As we’ve said before ACC is not the place to discuss the issue of abortion. We focus on cronyism and Planned Parenthood is certainly a crony organization, as we have reported before. The tax payer financed organization has said it will spend $20 million supporting Clinton specifically. As such this volley is fair game.

But the reason we bring this particular newsblip up is because of the degree to which it has exposed a fault line within the Dem Party which few have seen before.

Go onto Twitter and take a look at the #IMSOESTABLISHMENT feed. It’s been trending for a couple of hours. Within the feed one sees younger, presumably Democratic voters generally just hammering Hillary Clinton on all manner of things. From how she treated Obama in 2008, to the email and Clinton Foundation issues. And it appears that the only ones coming to Hillary’s defense are older white women. This is very interesting and may be very important.

Of course my observation isn’t in anyway scientific. It’s just what I saw perusing through the hashtag feed for a while.

However #IMSOESTABLISHMENT at this moment offers a very interesting window into current presidential dynamics. It is definitely worth checking out.

And for the record this is what Sanders said.

ACC is a completely non-partisan organization. We do not support/endorse or oppose any candidate for office. We believe that both major parties are heavily influenced by special interests and will report on crony capitalism wherever and whenever we see it.