Bubble Soccer, Doggy MRIs and Other ‘Wasteful’ Defense Spending

Bubble_Bump_soccer_at_Guantanamo cc

These lists are useful. Stories of squirrel driven drones and curling leagues for the Marine Corps (both of which I just made up but you get the point) serve a purpose. They highlight the often bizarro world of defense procurement. But these programs are drops of drops in the bucket. Attention needs to be paid (and to some degree is) to the big ticket items. The programs which ended would cause actual pain. The F-35 is a good area of focus.

(From DOD Buzz)

According to McCain and his staffers, most of the waste came from Social Security disability overpayments, unemployment insurance fraud, cost overruns on a VA hospital in Colorado, failed Obamacare health care cooperatives and Amtrak losses. But the Pentagon faced the senator’s scrutiny, too.

McCain highlighted somewhat expected targets, including the Pentagon’s troubled program to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels, the National Guard’s advertising with professional sports teams, and Office of Personnel and Management’s contract to provide credit-monitoring services in the wake of the massive data breach.

But the report also identified numerous other examples of questionable defense spending, from doggy MRIs to bubble soccer to jazz-playing robots. The following are excepts from the document.

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