Clinton Camp: Intel Inspector General is leaking details of Clinton email scandal “selectively”

A leak?
A leak?

This is actually not an entirely new story.  Last year Ed Klein reported that Bill Clinton believed that the Obama White House was leaking stories about Hillary. It was a heck of a claim and didn’t get a ton of coverage.

The below story seems sort of a continuation of what we heard last summer. The Intel IG is part of the executive branch.

(From The Daily Caller)

Hillary Clinton’s top campaign spokesman believes a vast right-wing conspiracy of sorts is behind Tuesday’s explosive report about the discovery of emails on the former secretary of state’s server that are classified at levels higher than previously known.

According to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Brian Fallon, Clinton’s communications director, believes that the Intelligence Community’s inspector general, I. Charles McCullough III, is “selectively” leaking information in coordination with Republicans.

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