Crony Corn Looms Large in Iowa

cc corn

The production of ethanol is a wasteful endeavor. It creates more carbon than it saves. In the wake of the fracking revolution we don’t even need ethanol for “energy independence.” It is a fuel which survives only because Iowan (and other Midwest) politicians have gotten the American people to subsidize the stuff.

If ethanol works in the marketplace, great. Have at it. But if we have to subsidize it so that ADM can have a nice guaranteed stream of income, even though it creates more carbon emissions than it saves (Which was one of the original reasons for pursuing ethanol. At least this is what Americans were sold.) then forget it. It’s a waste. A boondoggle. Crony corny capitalism.

But corn growers vote in caucuses and this is not lost on Donald Trump who has gone all in on ethanol. Drawing a stark contrast with himself and Ted Cruz.

(From The National Journal)

“We are with you folks and we have been with you from Day One,” Trump said, not­ing that he had re­cently toured so many eth­an­ol plants he told the in­dustry of­fi­cials who or­gan­ized the tour, “Enough already. It is in­cred­ible what you do.”

“Get out there and make plenty of fuel. We are go­ing to need it,” he ad­ded…

…After his speech, Iowa Re­pub­lic­an Gov. Terry Bran­stad told re­port­ers he be­lieves Cruz should be de­feated for his anti-eth­an­ol views, and Don­ald Trump spoke to make sure that Iowa farm­ers know his strong com­mit­ment to eth­an­ol.

Asked by a TV re­port­er if he thinks Cruz should be de­feated in the Feb­ru­ary caucuses, Bran­stad said “yes.”

“I think it would be very dam­aging to our state” for Cruz to win, Bran­stad said. “I be­lieve it would be a big mis­take for Iowa to sup­port him.”

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