D.C. Issues Over $1M in Parking Tickets as City Continues to Dig Out from Blizzard

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Now this is DC for you. A blizzard hits. There’s no parking because snow is piled up everywhere. But instead of being a little lenient on the parking violations as would be warranted by any decent municipality, Washington has instead found the snow clogged streets a revenue making opportunity. How people live in the city from day to day I do not know.

(From Mediaite)

You would think that with the cleanup still underway for the major winter storm last weekend, Washington D.C.’s local government would be a bit more lenient if people are having a bit of trouble parking their cars in all the snow, right? Well… apparantly not.

With the snow state of emergency to remain in effect until Wednesday, NBC 4 reported that the city has towed 656 cars so far, and has issued $1,078,000 worth of parking tickets in the days following the storm.

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