DEA Promised TSA Agent a Cut of Passengers’ Seizable Cash

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Call it a finder’s fee, or a commission. What’s the big deal? So the DEA told a TSA screener that he or she could keep a cut of any cash he or she was able to sniff out? What’s wrong with that? As we know, anyone carrying a significant amount of cash is a criminal. The DEA and the TSA agent were just doing what they could to keep us safe.

(From Reason)

An “investigative summary” posted this month by the Justice Department’s inspector general criticizes the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for hiring a federal airport security screener to help find seizable cash in passengers’ luggage. Under the arrangement, the DEA designated the screener a “confidential source” and promised him a cut of any money he found while rummaging through people’s bags…

…”This really is what we see every day around the country,” Johnson told The Huffington Post. “When law enforcement takes property using civil forfeiture, law enforcement is able to keep that property and use it to fund their budgets and in many cases even to pay the salaries of people who are overseeing the forfeitures. That creates an obvious financial incentive to take property from people who haven’t done anything or haven’t been proven to have done anything wrong. It creates an incentive for all kinds of abuse.”

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