EPA, FDA stocking up on body armor during President Obama’s watch

armor cc

Good that the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration are stocking up on armor. What are they expecting to face?

It seems a pretty clear indication of a government which has overstepped its bounds when the environmental guys and the food regulators think they are going to face gunfire of the sort that they need body armor. This indicates a flaw, a severe flaw, in our government system. The stakes should not be this high in a free society. Do the bureaucrats want to defend their ill gotten turf with bullets now?

(From The Washington Times)

As the U.S. engages in a national debate over the militarization of the police, federal data shows that government agencies charged with largely administrative roles are spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to purchase SWAT and military-style equipment.

Since FY 2006, 44 traditionally administrative agencies have spent over $71 million on items like body armor, riot helmets and shields, cannon launchers and police firearms and ammunition, according to federal spending data from watchdog group OpenTheBooks.com.

Obama thinks the American people are being paranoid in their resistance to his gun control efforts. It seems like the government is the paranoid party here.

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