EPA Official Has Resigned Over Flint Water Crisis

Flint V C cc

Last night my wife called me and told me that I had to listen to the NPR report on the Flint water crisis. I rolled my eyes. “No really.” she said, “They’re giving the EPA a hard time.”

When NPR is saying something negative about the EPA you know something is wrong. Somebody was actually sweating at the agency. Sure enough, it looks like today we have our official EPA fall guy (gal), Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman.

(From Mediaite)

Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman said last week that, though her agency did not alert the public to the potential dangers, it followed proper protocol by repeatedly prompting Michigan’s DEQ to implement corrosion controls.

“It is important to understand the clear roles here,” Hedman said. “Communication about lead in drinking water and the health impacts associated with that, that’s the role of DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services), the county health department and the drinking water utility.”

So that’s that. Hedman’s gone. Everything is cool now right?

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