EPA Says It ‘Did Its Job’ Despite Not Telling Flint Its Water Was Contaminated

Flint River cc

There are rules for the cronies, and then there are rules for us. Imagine if a private company had been tasked with testing Flint Michigan’s contaminated water, and this private company had known for 6 months that the water for the city was contaminated. But the company didn’t tell the public for fear it might embarrass local regulators? What do you think might have happened?

But for the Environmental Protection Agency, the same agency which spoiled the formerly pristine Animas River last year with no fine, no sanction, no nothing, nothing will happen. Even though it knew for half a year that Flint’s water was poisoned.

The agency is unaccountable. It makes life hell for landowners all over this country but when they screw up there is no one at the end of the line. Like at the VA, and the FDA, and practically every other government agency the real world is dismissed with a wave of the bureaucratic hand.

(From The Libertarian Republic)

EPA officials knew as early as April 2015 that state regulators were not using the correct standards for preventing lead contamination, but instead of publicizing the news the agency quietly prodded state regulators and waited on a legal opinion that did come for months.

It wasn’t until October that state officials admitted to not using the correct testing procedures for monitoring drinking water quality in Flint. Since then, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and President Barack Obama have declared states of emergency over Flint’s water crisis.

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