In Chicago, distrust toward mayor has turned ‘personal’ (Plus the city is fundamentally dysfunctional, like many US cities)

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This is what happens when decades of crony capitalism come to the fore. A corrupt police force. A corrupt teacher’s union and administration. Over promises to public sector unions which have no basis in economic reality. This is the 3rd world and there is a certain poetic justice to the fact that Rahm Emanuel gets to oversee the current nightmare. This is however cold comfort to the people of Chicago.

The dysfunction in the Windy City is in the headlines right now but many of our cities are basket cases. Though thankfully violent crime has gone down over the last 20 years, the economic pressure in urban areas has only ratcheted up. Many cities have trucked along expanding pay and pensions for city workers, raising taxes on businesses, regulating commerce to death for often politically correct reasons, increasing the minimum wage which will (and has) shut down many small businesses. Many of our large cities seem to exist in some sort of alternative universe. This is however an illusion and Rahm has a front row seat right to the type of trouble many cities will see when the next economic downturn comes. As we have advised before – get out while you can.

(From The Washington Post)

Mayor Rahm Emanuel cut short a family vacation this past week and returned to a city in crisis: On the North Side, more than a dozen people stood outside his house, hurling insults. On the West Side, a close aide was punched and kicked while attending a prayer vigil for a police shooting victim. And all week long, there were protesters, haunting one of Emanuel’s biggest political donors, haranguing his police force, beating a papier-mâché likeness of his face at City Hall.

More than a month has passed since a judge forced Emanuel (D) and other city officials to release a graphic video of a white Chicago police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times.But public anger over the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald in October 2014 has not dissipated. Instead, it has grown bitter and more personal.

“Oh, it’s personal, all right. We’re making it personal,” yelled Ja’Mal Green, 20, a former Emanuel supporter who spent hours in bone-cold weather on the sidewalk outside the mayor’s spacious Ravenswood home, mocking him and urging him to resign.

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