IRS Identity Fraud Prevention Specialist Arrested For Identity Fraud, Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns (This is a direct result of big government)

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Is anyone surprised by this. Anyone? If you are please leave a comment in the the comments section.

My bet is that no one is surprised by this. Which begs the question. Why aren’t we? And since we are not what should be done about it? And then another question. Why is it that nothing likely will be done to address the many issues at the IRS like this one and other federal agencies, the VA, for instance?

We know the answers but perhaps it’s really time to consider whether we have let this sort of thing go on too long. It is time to slash funding. And I don’t mean the simple coconut shell shuffling of the last 30 years where nothing, absolutely nothing is ever cut. These agencies should feel pain. They should lose power. Yes thousands, perhaps thousands of perfectly nice people need to lose their jobs. We need to begin the process of reducing the size of the Federal government as a percentage of GDP in a very real way, 1-2% for the next 30 years for starters. We need to examine which agencies have become the most politicized. The IRS, the VA, the EPA, and DOD come to mind but there are many many others. We need to make cutting government as assumed as the growth of government has been since the New Deal.

We can’t reduce the government to a more reasonable, that is to say, Constitutional size overnight but it can be done over time and with the people of this country keeping the pressure, day in and day out, on our elected officials.

Almost a century ago we had “New Dealers” who moved this country to a quazi-socialist disposition. We must have a new group of people, the Restorationists (I am open to a different name) who are committed to a new vision of the United States, a country which has a much smaller government footprint. Given the technology we have now there should be win after win for government cutters for decades to come. Quality of services would go up. Costs would go down. Think how much simpler government could be if we didn’t have to worry about bureaucracy created solely to protect (and create) government, taxpayer funded, union jobs.

Our massive government is retrograde. It is a vestige of the 20th Century obsession with the state. It’s time to move on and bring government into the 21st Century where bloat and abuse are simply not accepted by taxpayers anymore.

This is not a pipe dream This can be reality. We have already taken the first steps.

(From TechDirt)


Federal officials today announced arrests and charges in a stolen identity tax-refund scheme believed to involve more than $1 million in false claims and run by an IRS employee who was supposed to be assisting taxpayers experiencing problems resulting from identity theft.

A federal grand jury earlier this month indicted NAKEISHA HALL, JIMMIE GOODMAN and ABDULLA COLEMAN for their involvement in a 2008 to 2011 scheme operated out of Birmingham that involved stealing personal identity information from the Internal Revenue Service to create fraudulent tax returns and collecting the stolen refunds…


Hall, having access to taxpayer information as an IRS employee, apparently orchestrated the scheme. Fraudulent tax refunds were routed to prepaid debit cards. These cards were then sent to a variety of fake home addresses set up by the three conspirators — one of which is already doing time on an unrelated charge.

There you have it. The IRS is unable to protect you from outside threats or inside threats.

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