IRS ‘inadvertently’ wiped hard drive Microsoft demanded in audit row

hard drive cc

Will anything ever happen to these guys? Emails, hard drives, whatever, seem to be “inadvertently” erased all the time in Washington DC. Seems like there ought to be some repercussions for all this “inadvertent” erasing. But there never seems to be.

(From The Register)

The IRS has declined to produce data in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) battle between itself and Microsoft – because the taxmen deleted the information after receiving the information request.

In a filing [PDF] to the US District Court of Western Washington this month, Uncle Sam’s Internal Revenue Service said it would be unable to hand over records from a former agent’s hard drive. Why? Because the drive had been accidentally wiped by staff unaware of its connection to the case.

Microsoft asked for the drive as part of a larger request for the records of a number of IRS agents, both current and former, connected to dealings with outside law firms aiding in a series of audits of Microsoft.

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