Michael Bloomberg considers third party run


I don’t see it. I know he thinks he can bump chests with Trump and maybe win, and he sees weakness on the Left with Hillary and company but a real Bloomberg run would be pretty tough even with his ocean of money.

But it is interesting to consider. Bloomberg would wedge himself just to the Right of Hilary on most things, which definitely (further) destabilizes her candidacy, while also stealing Clinton’s northeastern stronghold to a large extent. He’d kind of be a left of center Perot figure.

But if Bloomberg was seen as viable – which given his stance on guns (for instance) is hard to see outside of the Northeast, even OH and MI would be very tough pulls for Mr. Gun Control, (or perhaps it’s just Mr. Control) maybe even PA – it then opens up the Right for another candidate too. Perhaps a more libertarian candidate.

Who knows? We’ll revisit if Bloomberg gets serious.

(From The Hill Talk)

The rumors stem from the news that Bloomberg commissioned a poll to see how he would fair if he declared a third party candidacy.

Specifically, Bloomberg wanted to see how his candidacy would fair against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. A source close to Bloomberg told CNN that the former mayor was prompted to look into a run for the White House after watching Trump’s rise to lead position for the Republican nomination.

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