NFL Subsidies: Taxpayers Left High and Dry After Rams Move to Los Angeles

Edward_Jones_Dome cc

I had finally just gotten used to calling them the St. Louis Rams when they decided to leave.

But leave they did, with the taxpayers of The Gateway City on the hook for another 6 years of payments on a stadium which was constructed for the now absent team. It’s been a tough go lately for the city.

(From Inside Sources)

With a great deal of fanfare from the National Football League (NFL) and the owner of the St. Louis Rams, the announcement was made on January 14 that the St. Louis Rams would be moving to Los Angeles.  What was left out of that announcement was that taxpayers would still be on the hook paying for the Edward Jones Dome in. St. Louis.

St. Louis and Missouri taxpayers paid the full $280 million cost of construction for the Edward Jones Dome in 1995. In an effort to keep the Rams in St. Louis, government officials tried to persuade the team to stay with the promise of $500 million for a new billion-dollar stadium.  Rams owner, and billionaire, Stan Kroenke decided to move despite the generous taxpayer gift.  The problem is that Missouri taxpayers aren’t off the hook because they will be paying $12 million until 2022 on the Edward Jones Dome.

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