Obama’s cancer cure ‘moonshot’

moon shot cc

You will recall that Nixon announced the first US government war on cancer. If the government really wants to cure cancer, it will remove the stifling FDA regulatory apparatus that makes progress glacial and any new treatments cost a fortune. The FDA operates on the principle that what is best for the drug industry is best for America, but the drug industry doesn’t make its biggest money from cures, it makes money from treatments for chronic conditions that are never cured.

(From Politico)

“We have indeed reached an inflection point, where the number of discoveries that are being made at such an accelerated pace are saving lives and bringing enormous hope for cancer patients, even those with advanced disease,” he said.

Building on the momentum of the president’s vow, Biden plans this month to convene the first of several meetings with Cabinet secretaries and federal agency heads on how to boost federal investments for cancer research.

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