Putin’s agents accused of killing Litvinenko left polonium radiation in British embassy

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Image: Times of London
Image: Times of London

We often say that China is the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State, but Russia is right there with China when it comes to cronyism. Putin’s Russia is a strongman’s realm. With Putin as capo di tutti capi his underlings, his cronies, exploit the state and economy for amazing wealth. So long as they stay in the good graces of Putin they get to enjoy it. It’s not unlike the royal systems of old and no doubt Putin sees himself at least as much czar as president. Putin is Russia. (At least this is what your editor thinks Putin thinks.)

Thus an enemy of Putin is an enemy of the state. Such enemies are often dealt with gangster style (allegedly) in the street. Sometimes they are dealt with in other ways.

(From The Mirror)

The two Russians accused of killing Alexander Litvinenko contaminated a British embassy with radiation – locking it down for months.

The agents left a trail of deadly polonium behind after they went there to deny poisoning the rebel spy with it.

A former diplomat today reveals the two hoods left a trail of deadly polonium-210 in the building after Vladimir Putin ordered them to go there and deny the murder.

Today the Sunday Mirror can reveal the full story behind the extraordinary top secret meeting in Moscow.

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