Rahm Emanuel’s Cuban Vacation

Not actually Rahm.
Not actually Rahm.

As we’ve noted before Cuba is currently the lefty vacation spot of choice. Everyone wants to get to the island before capitalism “screws it up.” Communism’s so quaint with its political prisoners, restrictions on free speech, clueless economics, and widespread poverty. But the island nation does have palm trees and statues of Che Guevara so it all evens out.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

Take a minute to picture Mayor Emanuel there, in guayabera shirt, board shorts, and Ray-Bans, cell phone balanced precariously on the arm of his beach chair, as he sips absentmindedly from a caipirinha, takes the occasional puff of a Partagas cigar Serie D, watches his children and their friends play in the surf, and listens to his golf buddies discuss the cover essays on growing economic inequality in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs. Imagine them later in the day, during a “cultural visit” to the rooftop terrace of La Guarida that lasts hours and includes slices of lemon pie and several bottles of wine, as the party gazes at the Havana skyline and wistfully contemplates how this “authentic” city will be transformed, for the worse, when the Yanqui corporations arrive in force. An old waiter paid by the Cuban government entertains them with stories of the revolution. Emanuel nods his head solemnly.

He’s the sort of liberal for whom there is no difference between self-interest and the public interest—a trait Emanuel picked up from the Clintons. He rationalizes leaving the White House for an investment bank, using political connections to amass “$18 million in just two-and-a-half years,” making six-figure fees from a board seat at Freddie Mac, and savaging anyone who dares question….

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