Republicans aren’t even pretending they care about cutting spending anymore

The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) is supposed to be about smaller government, not social issues.
The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) is supposed to be about smaller government, not social issues.

It is a refrain we will continue to repeat. Government, though necessary in a very limited sense, should be much much smaller than it is today for any number of reasons. But particularly because government is the catalyst for crony capitalism. If there weren’t agencies to hijack  (And they aren’t always hijacked; some agencies were created specifically for the industries they “regulate,” the Fed for instance.) many of the things conservatives, modern “liberals,” and libertarians have a problem with couldn’t happen. It is because so much power is aggregated in Washington DC that it makes sense for corporations, unions, and other special interests to lobby and generally game the system. Smaller government = less crony capitalism and corruption.

Of course many of our “liberal” friends take exception to this. Reduce government and corporations will rush into the vacuum they say.

What many of these friends fail to understand is that what we’ve been told since we were little kids is not true. Government is not some counterweight to corporations. It in many respects facilitates corporate power. Think of the bailouts of the banks, the auto makers, and the auto worker unions. Additionally crony capitalism is a tango. Sometimes, often, corporations are used to do the government’s bidding. (The #oldmedia is a great example of this.)

The only solution, real solution, to the problem of crony capitalism is the reduction of the state. There will never be a time when we fill the halls of Washington DC with “good” people who do the “right” thing. That is not the nature of government and it is not human nature. We are flawed beings. When there is no limiting mechanism, the market, humans will take as much power as they can. This is the story of government from the dawn of civilization.

So when even the Republicans completely abandon the pretense of cutting government that is not a good sign for those who want to reduce crony capitalism.

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In fact, one of the biggest applause lines last night came when Rubio boasted about how fiscally insane his presidency would be:

Here’s the bottom line, and I’ll close with this. If I’m president of the United States and Congress tries to cut the military, I will veto that in a millisecond.

Never mind that the Pentagon’s civilian bureaucracy is covered in fat. Never mind that the Department of Defense recently wasted $43 million on a gas station in Afghanistan that almost no one will be able to use. Former senator Tom Coburn was as hawkish a Republican as you’re likely to find, but he understood that Defense was a self-aggrandizing government department like any other, and released a report outlining $68 billion in Pentagon waste. Even Senator John McCain acknowledges that the military’s procurement system is an unmitigated disaster, and has taken steps to reform it. Only Rubio is such an impulsive spendthrift as to issue a veto threat against any military cuts.

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