Right after Rahm: Will Gov. McAuliffe raise human rights issues when he visits Cuban police state for “trade” deals?


I am sad to say that this time the prominent politician on his way to Havana is the Syracuse New York, Clinton operative who became Virginia (my home) Governor (barely) thanks in large part to money from Californian Tom Styer and former New York City mayor Bloomberg. Terry McAuliffe was elected by the crony class (largely) which surrounds Washington DC which would be happy to see Virginia turned into a new version of the wasteland known as New Jersey. (OK that’s not fair. There are many lovely parts of New Jersey, but you get my point.) We were basically invaded during the last election. That Hillary Clinton needs to win Virginia is a coincidence of course.

That aside, sometimes people who one has no hope for can turn around and do good things. Unfortunately no such luck (to date) with McAuliffe. He’s pushing gun control in a state that aside from a couple of counties wants nothing to do with it. He also is headed now to Cuba to secure deals with people who have blood on their hands. The VERY LEAST the governor can do is raise the issue of human rights in Cuba. As a Virginian I can say, and I think I speak for many Virginians, that if we lose out on some deals with the communist vacation spot because our governor did the right thing, I’m cool with that.

But sadly I don’t expect Terry to do the right thing. That’s not his history.

(From The Washington Post)

On the eve of his three-day trade mission to Cuba, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) on Saturday pushed back against a Republican legislator’s demand that he meet with dissidents while on the island.

Del.-elect Jason Miyares, the first Cuban American elected to Virginia’s General Assembly, called on McAuliffe to spend time with the Ladies in White and others at odds with Cuba’s communist regime. Miyares’s family fled the country in 1965.

“As Governor McAuliffe decides to ring in the New Year in the only non-democratic nation in the entire Western Hemisphere, perhaps he should keep in mind the thousands of dissidents that are harassed, beaten and imprisoned each day in Cuba simply because they yearn for freedom,” said Miyares, who in November won a House seat, representing Virginia Beach.

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