Sanders Camp: Microsoft working with DNC in Iowa, Can caucus app be trusted?

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

The Sanders folks are wise to keep a particularly close watch on how votes are tabulated in Iowa, of course. But they are also right to concern themselves with the involvement of Microsoft in the Iowa caucuses. Could Microsoft influence the results?

It seems very unlikely. But one can never be too sure, particularly when going up against a candidate like Hillary Clinton in whom many very powerful interests have invested. Politics can be a darn nasty business. As such it seems reasonable to us for the Sanders camp to highlight the issue.

It is worth noting also that Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt recently founded a company called Groundwork which exists solely to get Hillary Clinton elected. This is, honest to goodness, Groundwork‘s logo.


So I wouldn’t say that the Sanders people are being paranoid. It’s smart to bring up the issue now even if there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.

(From MSNBC)

For the first time this year, Microsoft partnered with the Iowa Democratic and Republican Parties to provide a technology platform with which the parties will run their caucuses. The software giant created separate mobile apps for each party, which officials at hundreds of caucuses across the state will use to report out results from individual precincts to party headquarters for tabulation…

…The arrangement has aroused the suspicions of aides to Sanders, whose regularly warns that corporate power and the billionaire class are trying to hijack democracy. Pete D’Alessandro, who is running the Iowa portion of Sanders’ campaign, questioned the motives of the major multinational corporation in an interview with MSNBC: “You’d have to ask yourself why they’d want to give something like that away for free.”

The Sanders campaign has built their own reporting system to check the results from the official Microsoft-backed app.

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