Small Victory: DC decides to void 2800 parking tickets written during snow emergency

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2 days ago we reported that Washington DC went on a parking ticket writing spree during the recent blizzard. The city took the storm as an opportunity to generate cash, over $1 million in fines. We argued that maybe instead of going nuts on the ticket writing front the District should have instead been more lenient if anything during a time when parking was severely restricted due to the piles and piles of snow.

We apparently weren’t the only ones who thought this and as such the city has voided many of the snow storm parking tickets. A small victory for the citizenry.

(From Fox 5)

If you’re one of the many drivers who was slapped with a $250 ticket for parking along a snow emergency route in the District last Friday as the blizzard approached, take a moment to rejoice. You’re getting a break.

After a furry of complaints from residents since the blizzard, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Thursday that all citations issued for parking along snow emergency routes on Friday, January 22 will be voided.

“The Blizzard of 2016 was one of the largest snow events in recent history and we are all working together to dig the District out from this storm,” Mayor Bowser said in a statement. “Despite that drivers were advised last Thursday to remove their vehicles from snow routes, I understand that some who received citations that Friday may not have known about the parking restriction, or may have been running errands in preparation for the storm. This ticket dismissal is one small way that we can continue to help each other recover from the storm.”

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