The View’s Joy Behar: I’d Vote for a Rapist as Long as They’re Liberal

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This is the sick pragmatism which infects too many people on the Left. (A different version of this exists on the Right too.) You might KNOW (or at least think) that a politician is a rapist, but you know he’s OUR rapist so it’s cool. Now if Megyn Kelly (not my favorite person) had gotten up and said the same thing about a conservative “rapist “all hell would have broken loose. NPR would be doing round the clock updates on how anti-women “conservatives” were.

The ends justify the means. And that my friends is a very dangerous way of looking at the world. It leads to catastrophe. And that isn’t even a strong enough word.

(From News Busters)

The View’s Joy Behar on Tuesday insisted that, regardless of whether Bill Clinton raped a woman or Ted Kennedy drowned someone, she would vote for these liberal politicians. Behar and her fellow co-hosts were discussing how Clinton’s past would impact his wife. She justified, “Republicans have voted against the Violence Against Women Act. Now, that to me, is more important than anything that Bill Clinton did or didn’t do because it’s what [Hillary’s] going to vote for.”

This came after co-host Paula Faris reminded, “Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey. They say that he [Clinton] either exposed himself to them, raped them or groped them.” Behar conceded, “He is a dog. Let’s face it.” She later declared, “But I still will vote for Bill Clinton because he votes in my favor.”

This is the kind of thinking which is being taught our children these days. This is OK with many. Integrity? Holding people to account? F- that, (to use Joy’s parlance) he votes the way I want him to vote and so I don’t care.

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