Thousands in Hong Kong have rallied against the disappearance of five booksellers from a shop known for selling works critical of China


The dungeon is a scary place. Officials in places like China know it and the people who push the envelope for freedom in places like China know it. It continually amazes me the bravery exhibited by champions of information in parts of the world where the sun can be turned out forever on someone just on the whim of a mid level bureaucrat. China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Cuba, other places.

We owe people who dare to speak out, who dare to disseminate banned information, who keep the light of liberty burning in places like these a great debt. Many people to fight day in and day out for freedoms that some in this country take for granted. These information champions fight even when it puts their lives in danger. Indeed even when it costs them their lives on occasion.

(From The BBC)

“For Hong Kong, this is the first time there has been such a clear violation of Hong Kong’s law, a clear violation of ‘one country, two systems’ principle, that has taken place in such an open manner,” Albert Chan, a politician with the pro-democracy People Power Party, told the BBC.

“This is why so many people have come out.”

Another pro-democracy politician, Lee Cheuk-yan, said the disappearances were a “milestone for suppression”.

The latest to vanish has been Lee Bo, who disappeared late last year and was last seen in Hong Kong.

Pro-democracy politicians and activists believe he was kidnapped and taken to the mainland.

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