University Of Oregon ‘Anti-Capitalist’ Co-Op Needs Cash To Cover Deadbeats

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There is reality, and there is college “reality.” In college, even if one’s parents aren’t footing the bill there is at least some perceived suspension of consequence. It is this suspension which keeps sociology departments alive. Sure, sure, a degree in urban relational studies is worth $100,000. The people who say that it isn’t just don’t get it man.

Of course I didn’t get a degree in molecular engineering or anything. Mine is in political science which is only a couple notches up from theater arts on the practicality scale.

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As such I can understand these kids crashing in this “anti-capitalist” house and the whole situation going to pot, ahem. But understand though I may, and understand though many of our readers may, reality, the market, may seem suspended but it never actually is. Things cost money. Things gain and lose value. Bills do indeed have to be paid. Anti-capitalist or not reality always wins in the end.


In a startling twist that only Bernie Sanders could explain, the fine anti-capitalists of the University of Oregon’s Campbell House are having some financial difficulties. It turns out that they keep attracting the kind of tenants who are so anti-capitalistic that they keep running off without paying their rent. [photo via…]

“Whether we like it or not, [we] live in a capitalist system and we are all affected by it,” Jimi Wood — the membership and social coordinator of the University of Oregon’s oldest co-op —told the college’s Daily Emerald in a pretty fascinating article.

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