Valerie Jarrett: Don’t worry the president is not circumventing Congress on gun control (Whew, I feel so much better)

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One of the common themes of a crony political system is that the executive always seeks to expand its authority. A republic is such a messy and difficult way to get things done. What we need is someone who will “do something” even if that “something” is something that may or may not be in violation of the Constitution.

Obama is annoyed that the people of the United States gave Congress to the Republicans (the other wing of the crony party) and as such he doesn’t get to do what he wants. He doesn’t appear to like our system of government and the fact that it relegated him to the margins. (This is what the ELECTORATE wanted, as Mr. Obama once famously said, “elections have consequences.”) He can work on foreign policy issues but aside from that he’s basically done. But he’s trying his darnedest to give the finger to the people he thinks deserve it on the way out of the White House.

Gun control is an issue for a vocal minority in this country. These people fear guns. They fear the people who own guns. They often did not grow up with guns. (It’s kind of similar to how some lifetime New Yorkers are mystified by cars.) And fundamentally the thing which irks these folks most (I sense) is that the 2nd Amendment gives real power to the people over the government. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t exist to protect hunters and their right to hunt. It doesn’t exist so that people can keep guns to protect themselves from burglars. The 2nd Amendment fundamentally exists to protect the people (as in We the People) and the Republic from an overreaching government.

There are those of course who really do fear a “mass shooting.” But such shootings are very rare instances – though they get much attention and rightfully so. However in a world full of risks it is irrational to fear such attacks. One has a far better chance of being killed by lightning or a dog attack that in a “mass shooting.” Statistically speaking however it is entirely reasonable to fear the government and its guns. Just ask the Jews or the Armenians or American Indians, or Indians, or blacks in the old South, or well almost group that has ever been on the outs with a particular government.

(From The Hill)

“Let’s be specific – the president is not circumventing Congress,” she told host Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day.”

“They have made it very clear they are not going to act [and] the president is doing what is well within his executive authority to do,” Jarrett continued.

“There is a lot that we can do in the executive branch that we are doing [but] there is lots of room for working with Congress and they are important to the successful implementation of what the president is opposing today.”

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*I actually don’t like guns. Can’t stand them. But I love the 2nd Amendment.