Van Jones: Democratic Base in ‘Full-on Rebellion’ Against Hillary Clinton

Damn rebels.
Damn rebels.

Van, Van, Van, you’re still around? It is interesting to see you floating these smoke signals.

But don’t worry, he explains, Clinton will still win.

Way to put it out there big guy.

(From Mediaite)

Jones noted that the Clintons were exacerbating the problem with “groundless” attacks on Sanders, including a statement from daughterChelsea Clinton saying he wanted to undo Obamacare. “If your main problem with the base is that you are not authentic, don’t waste Chelsea Clinton on an inauthentic attack!” he said.

“The Clintons are starting to do stuff that’s stoking this rebellion. It’s not that Hillary Clinton’s going to lose, Bernie Sanders is likely now towin both Iowa and New Hampshire because the base is getting frustrated with the Clinton campaign,” he concluded.

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