VT Law Would Allow Warrantless Cellphone Searches To Check For Distracted Driving


How is this in any way constitutional? It’s not. Your “papers and effects” are to be secure from the state without a warrant. But some in Vermont government think such warrantless searches are just fine.

Bit by bit, freedom dims as long as we let it. It’s not law yet.

(From Police State Daily)

Essentially, it’s ‘show me your text log,’” said South Burlington Democratic Rep. Martin LaLonde, who is pushing the law as an amendment to the states 2014 ban on the handheld use of electronic devices while driving.

No state in the country allows warrantless cellphone searches and the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that such an activity is unconstitutional – but that hasn’t stopped LaLonde from trying to violate the privacy rights of people in Vermont.

Under his proposal, a driver who refuses to allow police to access to their phone would still get the same penalty as if they were texting, and the bill also expands the definition of “texting” to include voice-activated texting.

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