What the Oregon Standoff Is Really About

steppe cc

Oh give me a home…Where the buffalo roam…and the BLM won’t harass me no more…

If you really want to know what’s going on out in Oregon read this article. The Hammonds are not the bad guys surprise surprise, it’s the Feds who have spent decades making life difficult for the family.

(From The American Conservative)

A U.S. attorney whose mental stability is at least questionable, a vindictive cabal of government bureaucrats intent on stealing property they have long coveted under color of “law,” and now a howling lynch mob of left-leaning Twitterers, who hate rural folks and especially ranchers who are professed Christians—these are the people who are celebrating the martyrdom of the Hammonds, denouncing them as “arsonists” and “welfare bums” out to steal public land.

While the focus among vaunted “civil libertarians” is the resentencing andmandatory minimums, the fact is that the Hammonds should never have been prosecuted to begin with. Their long agony is a clear case of government persecution motivated by avarice and politics—for this is a warning to anyone who opposes the federal government’s campaign to retain and expand its ownership of huge swathes of Western land. Consider the scope of their Western empire: they currently control more than 80 percent of Nevada; approximately half of California, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, and New Mexico; 42 percent of Wyoming; 36 percent of Colorado; and 30 percent of Washington and Montana.

And, as the Hammond case dramatizes, they want more.

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