Why do JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs want desperately to keep the UK in the European Union?

JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs want Britain to stay within the European Union and they are spending money to make sure the UK stays. Surprise.

It is odd (perhaps not so odd) that so much of the banking and political establishment in British Europe (forgive me Britons, I was taught that one should never call a Brit a “European” but I’m making a point) is so vehemently pro-European Union. The lockstep (goosestep?) push by some to further integrate with Brussels, to give up even more sovereignty, to further reduce Britain’s stature in the world is striking.

Why not pursue a “super Singapore” model? Why not work out a deal like Norway which has its own laws but retains access to the European single market? Why not make this the focus of efforts? The UK I grew up knowing, the one my parents spoke of, would never have rolled over and thrown in its lot with the Continent. Where is that spirit?

One won’t find it at JP Morgan.

(From Sky News)

JP Morgan is preparing to make a substantial donation to the campaign to keep Britain’s European Union membership in a move that will extend Wall Street’s involvement in the debate.

Sky News has learnt that JP Morgan will join its bitter rival Goldman Sachs by writing a cheque for hundreds of thousands of pounds to Britain Stronger in Europe.

Sources said that JP Morgan’s financial contribution was in the process of being finalised and was expected to be made in the coming days.

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