With mom still running, Chelsea Clinton’s already gearing up for White House bid

“I was curious if I could care about (money) on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,” – Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea hanging with CEO of JPMorgan Jamie Dimon
Chelsea hanging with CEO of JPMorgan Jamie Dimon

If one wants to see what’s wrong with American politics one need look little farther than Chelsea Clinton. I had hoped that she would bow out and be a real live human being but this does not appear to be the case.

This is the person people seriously think should be in a position of power. This person. She’s never really has a job but now she’s going into politics why? Because her last name is Clinton? Should hardly be a resume builder given the history of the family. Yet for some it is.

I guess she needs to have something on her resume. Below is the high point of her part time gig at NBC News.

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(From The New York Daily News)

One Clinton at a time, please.

The private invite to Chelsea Clinton’s Wednesday night fund-raiser, to be held at a swanky Upper East Side residence, reads that it’s in support of her mother’s 2016 presidential bid. But some of the big spenders plunking down the big bucks to attend say Chelsea’s future in politics has been the talk of her campaign rallies.

“You’re seeing the beginning of Chelsea Clinton preparing to run,” says a donor who attended Chelsea’s rally at Dr. Paul Boskind’s Midtown home last week, where “limited availability guest” entry started at $250 and $2,700 “champion” tickets included a photo with Chelsea. Our insider says: “A dynasty is on the way.”

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