‘Am I a Bad Person? ’ NYT’s Friedman Muses About Grover Norquist Dying in Column

Screenshot (28)

Yes Friedman, you do in fact appear to be a “bad person.”

Seriously, these big government people are completely and totally full of themselves. They have no idea that they are the problem. I mean they have no CLUE. It’s almost a weird pathological thing.

It has been my experience that Grover Norquist is, taking his politics out of it (which for the record I generally like), one of the most reasonable public people in Washington. He is always reaching out. He is always respectful of those who disagree with him, assuming the other side is also respectful. He often even gives a platform to those who disagree with him.

Friedman (apparently) on the other hand prefers to take smarmy pot shots at his intellectual betters from his cloistered office at the Times.

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