CIA leaker: Clinton ‘given a pass’ for emails

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It seemed like a few years ago more people wondered aloud whether the United States was becoming a banana republic.

Now however, though we are not Honduras, it is fair to say that in many respects we have indeed become a banana republic. The rule of law has eroded every year in this country for what seems like forever. The crony economy has become pervasive, indeed at this point it is ubiquitous. The middle class is shrinking.  We aren’t creating small businesses at the pace we used to. The capital city grows and grows, filled with bureaucrats and hangers on, while much of the country continues to struggle. The president sees the Constitution as more annoyance than law. This same president subtly fans the flames of ethnic discord for political ends.

All of these things have increased the sense of unease in the country.

But if there is one thing which drives the growing anger in this country is the sense that there are a set of rules for the American people and there are a set of rules for the connected, the cronies. The Clinton email scandal is a classic case in point.

(From The Hill)

A former CIA officer serving jail time for leaking documents to the New York Times accused federal officials of setting a double standard by apparently refusing to aggressively prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Clinton was “a high ranking official who should know better, but completely given a pass, and almost an apologetic pass,” Jeffrey Sterling, who was found guilty of leaking classified information to Times reporter James Risen last year, said in an interview with the Washington Post published on Monday.

“So how should us regular citizens feel, especially with heightened concerns about national security?”

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