Eagles of Death Metal singer: ‘Until no one has guns, everybody has to have them’

Jesse Hughes from the Eagles of Death Metal at the Nova Rock 2015

A key element of crony capitalism is the 2 tiered (or sometimes multi-tiered) rule of law and justice. One such obvious example is the current War on Cash which we are seeing right now and on which we have posted. The central banks don’t like the freedom cash gives the great unwashed, (and more importantly how it restricts the control of central banks) as such they want to clamp down on it. Likewise gun rights can be seen in a similar way.

A large portion of the political class around the world loathes the idea of everyday people owning guns. This is true in the States but it is 10 times the case in Europe where perfectly law abiding citizens are largely restricted from any gun ownership. (Yet, of course the powers that be are well protected.)

Well, the lead singer of The Eagles of Death Metal, the band whose concert was attacked by terrorists in Paris last year has something to say on guns, and his perspective reflects the interests of the great unwashed.

He can say it because he’s American. We have at least a (increasingly tarnished) tradition of respect for the peasantry in this country.

I don’t think “everybody” needs to have guns, but guns are an important part of protecting the rights (and body) of everyday citizens. It is power in the hands of normal folks. Why do you think the French government locked up all the guns in the Bastille 200 years ago? And why do you think the peasants broke into the Bastille to get them?

(From The Washington Post)

The lead singer for Eagles of Death Metal, the American band playing at the Bataclan theatre in Paris when it was attacked by terrorists last year, said living through the massacre convinced him that everyone should own a gun.

Jesse Hughes was already a National Rifle Association supporter and a gun enthusiast before the Nov. 13 shooting, which killed 90 people in the theater. In an interview with French television station iTele, he was asked whether the experience had changed his mind about gun-control laws. “Gun control doesn’t have a thing to do with it, but since you brought it up, did French gun control stop a single f—ing person from dying at the Bataclan?” he replied.

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