EPA has No Answer (on) Why They Didn’t Inform Public About Lead Water 1 Yr Ago

Mi Flint cc

As we’ve said before, imagine if a private company knew that Flint’s water was full of lead for A YEAR and didn’t make sure the public knew about it one way or another?

But the EPA? Well, there are rules for private citizens and then there are rules for cronies in government. (As we see time and again.)

(From TruthRevolt)

Chaffetz wanted to know why it took so long to get the information to the public even though EPA regulations manager Miguel Del Toral knew there were extremely high levels of lead in the water of Leanne Walters’ home all the way back in February 2015. Walters was responsible for bringing this issue to light after telling state officials that her children’s hair was suddenly falling out in chunks.

Del Toral’s discovery also included finding out that the Flint river supplying the city’s water wasn’t being treated with the proper chemical agents. By spring of 2015, Del Toral warned the agency that the City of Flint was understating the lead levels in its water and that the warning signs were being downplayed and even ignored.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Flint continued to be exposed.

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