Goldman Sachs Executive helped Bill Clinton write his state of the union address

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Oh man. Goldman Sachs is just a full service firm I guess. And I mean full service. Private Banking. Venture capital. Global economic manip…er…I mean analysis. And hey, speech writing too.

(From Breitbart)

Former President Bill Clinton received a faxed draft from a top Goldman Sachs executive to help him write his State of the Union address during his re-election year of 1996.

As Hillary Clinton tries to fend off controversy surrounding her close relationship with the New York-based investment firm, documents released by the Clinton Library (p. 57) reveal that then-Goldman Sachs vice chairman Bob Hormats faxed the White House a document entitled “SUGGESTIONS FOR THE PRESIDENT’S STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS” on December 22, 1995.

“Below are a few thoughts for the State of the Union Address,” Hormats wrote. He continued:

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