Google’s Theme Song: Man It Feels Good to Be a Crony

Barack_Obama_hangout cc

(From RedState)

When the government’s regulatory hammer and checkbook are this big – the relationship between the private and public sectors is warped beyond recognition. The Best Idea People don’t succeed nearly so often as do the Best Crony People – those who have the best relationships with Huge Government. Because Huge Government can shove the Best Idea People out of the way – to make more room for the Best Crony People.

In the Age of Barack Obama, there is no bigger Best Crony – than Google. Which is pathetic in one additional way – Google doesn’t need the help. They are worth a net $350 billion. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Denmark – is $342 billion.

But being the Best Crony People is a whole lot easier than trying to be the Best Idea People. Ideas are hard – campaign donations are comparatively very easy. Google in two election cycles has been very, very good to Barack Obama. And Barack Obama’s administration has in turn been very, very good to Google.

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