Last night’s Oscars was the biggest gathering of smug, self-important asses in living memory

The "spirit" of Hollywood.
The “spirit” of Hollywood.

Hollywood is a money making machine. (Most of the time.) It has also shown itself to be a retrograde industry which employs big time crony tactics to crush those who challenge the movie studio staus quo. (Think SOPA.)  It is a club which celebrates itself over and over and pretty effectively gets much of the world to buy into the charade. Even people with real power fall victim to movie star charms.

It is also an industry which loves to laud it’s “progressive” credentials. The heavily stratified, highly crony, insider club of studio execs is concerned about poverty, and social justice, and human rights. Whatever. Just as long as the piles of coke keep coming right?*

 (From The Spectator)

The American comic Toby Muresianu put it best: last night’s Oscars felt like ‘three hours of being told to eat your vegetables’. If there has ever been a more grating gathering of smug, self-important asses keen to educate the TV-watching blob about Serious Stuff, then I’m struggling to remember it. Hollywood has clearly forgotten what its job is: to make us squeal and swoon, not raise our awareness about rape and paedophilia and the heat death of the planet and all the other misanthropic bilge the beautiful people spouted last night.

Black people must have been counting their blessings. Sure, being shunned by the 2016 Oscars might have seemed a bit iffy at first, but what a stroke of luck it turned out to be to be left out of a political freakshow in which Lady Gaga sang a ditty about campus rape and Leonardo DiCaprio did his best impression of an earnest but dim sixth-former in his infantile speech about evil polluters plotting against poor Mother Earth. That he did this while accepting the Best Actor gong for a film that is literally all about how mental Mother Nature is — The Revenant — confirmed that he really is just a pretty face.

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*Perhaps this isn’t fair. It isn’t 1976. But you get the point.

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