Man Jailed for Unregistered Cat

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First they want to license your cat. Then they come for your guns.

Seriously there are simply too many laws out there. How can anyone keep track? Also, a law against “unregistered cats”? That borders on insane. Yet this guy spent 3 days in the clink because a feral cat wouldn’t go away. Think about that. He lost 3 days of his liberty because a wild cat kept coming onto his lawn.

I’ve got unlicensed raccoons visiting my trash can all the time. Guess I better check the local regulations.

(From Reason)

Nonetheless, Smith has accepted his fate, turning himself in to Gatineau police on Thursday morning, the Ottawa Sun reports.

“I want to get this over with,” Smith said. “I’m turning myself in,” Smith told a woman at the front desk of the station. “I’m surrendering.”

Smith has been chased for months by animal control officers and police in Gatineau over a $276 charge — fine and court costs — after being found guilty last summer of not having a licence for a cat, as required under municipal bylaw.

Smith, however, says that “Winnie” isn’t his, and it’s feral anyway, and he doesn’t even live in Gatineau.

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