More Crony Media: New Emails Show Press Literally Taking Orders From Hillary

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As I have said before I believe I have seen first hand how “biased” the crony media can be. But it’s a little different than how some conservatives portray the bias. They see often only the leftward bent. But it is a special kind of leftward bent in the crony media, one which is very pro-corporate. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, all the old media is solidly left of center. And each one of these outlets have corporate masters. Leftism and corporatism are actually bosom buddies and have been for at least a century. In many respects being pro-corporate, and indeed pro-crony lends itself naturally to the big government philosophy. Many corporations and government like each other. Don’t forget that. And they help each other out.

(From Truth In Media)

The emails were obtained by Gawker as part of a large Freedom of Information Act request it made back in 2012. They show a 2009 exchange between Marc Ambinder, then-politics editor of The Atlantic, and Philippe Reines, a close assistant and adviser to Clinton during her days as Secretary of State.

Ambinder asked Reines for an advance copy of a speech Clinton was scheduled to give at the Council on Foreign Relations. Rather than simply say yes or no, Reines cut a deal with Ambinder, turning over the speech provided Ambinder agreed to three conditions:

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