Ouch: Flint water crisis: residents say Hillary Clinton ‘coming for the entertainment’

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I am sure Ms. Clinton will be focusing on the fact that the EPA knew that there was lead in Flint’s water for 1 full YEAR without making the information public. I’m am also sure she’ll be calling for massive reforms at the agency and exploring fully how it could be that the federal government allowed thousands to be poisoned. Almost positive that will be her area of attention.

(From The Guardian)

For 32-year-old Lorenzo Lee Avery Jr, though, it was a disingenuous visit: “Honestly, she not coming to help,” he said. “Feels like she coming for the entertainment.”

His mother, Patricia Torrey, was standing over his shoulder. She strongly disagreed: “It’s a beautiful thing!” said Torrey, 54, adding that she was a Clinton supporter, all the more so heading into Michigan’s 8 March primary. “It’s nice to see she’s committed enough to come here.”

Casey Lester, 31, who lives in Flint but runs the restaurant Max & Erma’s in Detroit, was unimpressed by Clinton’s commitment. His wife, Marcella Lester, a 28-year-old applications analyst at Henry Ford Health Systems, took the campaign bait.

Again the pattern seems to continue for Clinton. Support from older people looking to the past. A lack of support from younger people looking to the future.

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