Senator Wyden calls CIA Director out over 2014 Senate spying

Techdirt said that Director Brennan had “freaked out” during questioning, and that is an unfair assessment of the exchange. He did however refuse to apologize to Senator Wyden and the Senate generally and refused also to say that the Senate would not be spied on again.

(From Techdirt)

Mixed in with all of this are remaining questions about how involved Brennan himself actually was in all of this (he refuses to say) and an ongoing request for an apology. While the CIA’s Inspector General claimed that Brennan apologized for the breach, later reporting by Jason Leopold at Vice showed that Brennan had drafted an apology, but never sent it. Instead, he apparently provided a very narrow apology solely to Feinstein and then vice chair Saxby Chambliss, basically of the “I’m sorry if what did upset you” manner.

Given this, during a rare open Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Wyden decided to quiz Brennan about all of this, leading to a rather sarcastic and testy exchange that needs to be watched…

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