UNC philosophy professor warns: ‘Progressive privilege’ abounds in academia

Some have no interest knowledge or wisdom if it makes them uncomfortable.
Some have no interest in knowledge or wisdom if it doesn’t fit their worldview.

I have to say that my professors in college in the poli-sci department at Mary Washington College did a pretty good job of being fair to me and other students. Though I was often a lone voice in some conversations, I was more conservative than libertarian back then, I was always treated with respect. My opinions were valued – or at least readily tolerated. I was graded in a fair way. This was despite that the entire department was solidly left.

My professors were lefties, but they weren’t political correctness warriors. They valued an open discussion. Even still I did wonder if my luck would hold if I pursued the life of a professor. It’s probably for the best that I didn’t.

(From The College Fix)

Anomaly believes that “progressive privilege” has real consequences for the quality of research emerging from universities.

“If you are an academic who writes in line with standard progressive ideology, and reaches conclusions which progressives widely accept, reviewers, students, colleagues and the general public often won’t notice (or acknowledge) mistakes you make in your reasoning,” he said.

Yet, resources such as Heterodox Academy do exist for academics who want to find more viewpoint diversity in the social sciences. Professor Anomaly invites those who wish to explore unpopular ideas to consult this website, at which they can find academic work that “exposes bias and celebrates ideological diversity.”

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