Washington Post Report: The media aren’t telling you about ties of pro-Hillary Clinton pundits


It should be noted that this is coming from a Washington Post columnist. It should be noted also that the legwork for this article was done by Lee Fang of the Intercept. Neither outlet is known for anything like a “conservative” disposition.

The #oldmedia (they love that hashtag) is as corrupt as anything on Wall Street. There are all sorts of conflicts of interest at the #oldmedia hubs. Politicos come and go through the media. Media people become politicos. Think George Stephanopolous, Judy Woodruff, Jorge Ramos, John Stewart, Paul Begala, Brian Williams, Joe Scarborough, James Carville, Stephen Colbert, Ezra Kline, Rachael Maddow, Bill Daley, David Axelrod, Jay Carney, Richard Stengel, Maurine Dowd, Chris Matthews and dozens and dozens more.

And it’s not like the Republicans are free of such conflicts either, though given the generally “liberal” (or more accurately pro-center Left corporatist-Democrat) nature of the media there are fewer opportunities for conflict. That can be said objectively.

(From The Washington Post)

The “Democratic strategist” contributed this comment when asked what had happened to Clinton’s vanishing lead in Nevada. It must be quoted in full:

I think what happened is we have a real primary on our hands. I’ve been saying from the beginning is actually great for the Democratic Party. Look, her campaign absolutely needs to focus on the fact that she needs to continue underscoring her message of lifting barriers for everybody, of making sure that this economy works for all communities of color. The speech she gave in Harlem yesterday was fantastic.

And those, I think, are the themes that will resonate in communities like Nevada, which has a lot of Latino voters there. Latinos have traditionally been backing her, and I think will continue to back her. And is she needs to continue to focus on this message of economic prosperity for everybody. That’s where I think she’ll start to get the younger voters and also focusing on how to it actually get things done as opposed to just talking about what everybody likes and sounds good. But how are you going to deliver for everyday Americans. That’s where I think her strength is.

It’s right there that Blitzer might have said, Viewers should know that you and your colleagues, Maria, have various financial ties to the Clinton campaign and groups seeking to assist it. Instead, Blitzer passed the baton on to Setmayer, and the context-deprived discussion continued.

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