A Catholic Neocon Collapse?

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I was once Catholic. I was an altar boy. I even contemplated becoming a priest.

I was once (about the same time) basically a neoconservative too.

I’m still proud of my Catholic roots.

(From The American Conservative)

One reader, a regular churchgoer, writes with disgust, saying that there are no “genuinely reformist” candidates, just Republicans with the same old same old. Plus, says the reader, the signatories say the Republican Party has been an imperfect vehicle for Catholic interests, but she hasn’t seen these signatories criticizing the GOP for falling short of Catholic teaching.

Another conservative Catholic reader, a lawyer who is also a regular churchgoer, writes to say that this open letter, and the Pope’s recent remarks critical of Trump, have pushed him into Trump’s camp. He was already furious over George Weigel’s backing for the Iraq War, and what he believes is the “Catholic neocon establishment”‘s failure to pay any kind of price for its failure in allying itself so closely with the Bush Administration.

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