Administration ‘hiding’ new regs from Congress, public, imposed over 1,000 without OK in 2015 alone

Bureaucrats_at_work cc

This is killing the economy. All the red tape. All the regs. All the hoops. All the licenses. All the bureaucrats looking for something to do. It undermines the real economy. The bureaucratic leech keeps sucking the lifeblood from the private productive sector.

(From The Washington Examiner)

The American Action Forum, which studies federal rules, regulations and other actions, said that the number of violations in 2015 was even bigger than in 2014, when a top Obama aide apologized for breaking the law and promised to make sure new rules were first passed by Congress and the General Accountability Office.

The center-right group said that despite the pledge, it found “955 rules weren’t sent to GAO in 2014 and roughly 1,069 weren’t reported in 2015.” The report said that there were 3,408 rules issued by the administration’s agencies last year.

And this isn’t even counting all of the “guidences” agencies issue each year. What CEI scholar Clyde Wayne Crews refers to as “Regulatory Dark Matter.” That stuff is created in the bowels of agencies by bureaucratic whim.

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