Authoritarians vs. Libertarians Is the Real Fight on the Right

liberty cc11

I hate even that the “Left/Right paradigm” continues as it does.

“From The Daily Beast)

That libertarian critique won’t go away even if a Republican manages to win the White House. Indeed, a GOP victory might even embolden the House Freedom Caucus, which continues to push for net spending cuts, and Article I Project senators to force the Party of Lincoln to get serious about living up to its small-government, pro-individual liberty rhetoric. They’ll find support, too, in the latest Gallup Governance Survey which sorts the electorate into one of four categories-conservative, liberal, populist, and libertarian—based on responses to questions about government “trying to do too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses” and whether you think “government should not favor any particular set of values.” For the first time, libertarians ranked highest, at 27 percent. Conservatives came in next (26 percent), followed by liberals (23 percent), and populist (15 percent).

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